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Catalana de Perforacions SA is a drilling contractor founded in 1968 and initially specialised in water-well drilling.

Since then, the company has been researching and developing the most innovative techniques within its industry, specialising in high-difficulty works and turning into a global leader in terms of sustainable exploitation of hydric and natural resources.

Nowadays Catalana de Perforacions SA provides expertise on environmental engineering solutions across diverse client industries such as oil&gas, mining, agriculture, chemical and construction.

Over the last years Catalana de Perforacions has kicked off an internationalization plan to expand its activities across Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Africa and the United States.

  • Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.
  • Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.
  • Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.
  • Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.
Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.


Using synergies resulting from the union of our companies to develop solutions for efficient usage of energy as well as better exploitation of natural resources.


Becoming a global referent in development and implementation of environmental engineering solutions to promote community growth through sustainable economy.


    We use our resources and capabilities exclusively to fulfil our customers needs. Our primary goal is to overcome initial prospects.
    We love dealing with our clients personally i.e. listening and understanding their needs as well as taking into account their suggestions and feedback.
    We strongly believe in the economy for the common good principle and work hard to make this world a better place to live in harmony with environment.
    There are no borders for us, just the people who live in this planet coupled with the projects which contribute to improve their standard of living.
    We love to undertake new projects and feel no fear when facing new challenges.
Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.
Catalana de Perforacions, S.A.