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Noticies Catalana de Perforacions

21 November 2022


CATALANA DE PERFORACIONS, SA has developed and established an Equality Plan to guarantee real equality between women and men within the company, thus avoiding any type of discriminatory acts and promoting fair treatment for all company personnel.

Through the following objectives the company is committed to:
  1. To further integrate the gender perspective in the management of the Company, in the policies, procedures and actions of the different areas/departments of CATALANA DE PERFORACIONS, S.A.
  2. Promote and/or increase the presence of women and men in those areas and/or departments where they are under-represented, respectively, by means of internal promotion processes or selection processes that take into account the supply and demand of the labour market.
  3. To have a remuneration system based on performance, respecting the principles of objectivity, equity and non-discrimination,
  4. To facilitate the reconciliation of the personal, family and working lives of the people who work at CATALANA DE PERFORACIONS, S.A. and to promote joint responsibility between men and women.
  5. To ensure a working environment free of sexual or gender-based harassment.
  6. To disseminate an image of commitment to equal opportunities externally and internally and to promote the inclusive use of language among the workforce so as not to perpetuate gender stereotypes.
In this sense, a series of policies, protocols and actions have been assigned to implement the Equality Plan.