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La perforació experta

In order to meet the global demand in terms of dynamism and flexibility, Catalana de Perforacions SA offers a quick and efficient service: manpower mobilisation to execute HDD projects worldwide.

The best asset Catalana de Perforacions SA has is its staff and then the learning curve and experience gained over six decades. As a result, Catalana de Perforacions SA serves its manpower to all those clients that have the right equipment to perform high-difficulty HDD project but not staff experience enough to run them.

In this aspect, Catalana de Perforacions SA has a vast array of steering technicians, surveyors, site managers, mechanics, mud loggers and electricians; who have extensive experience in planning and executing HDD projects and can work with rigs whose pulling capacities range from 12Tn up to 350Tn.

In addition, this technical experience is complemented by an extensive multilingual background, since Catalana's staff is skilled and fluent in Spanish, English, Catalan, French, Arabic, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian.

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